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Devon Red Ruby

All of the beef we offer has been born, bred, raised and feed on our Devon farm.   You'll find the benefit of provenance in the amazing texture, succulence and rich flavour.

Bred and raised on our beautiful Exmoor farm

The Red Ruby breed is famed for its marbled beef, which many consider unrivaled for flavour and succulence.


Our low-intensity farming ensure the animals suffer no stress throughout their life, which is especially important at slaughter, as stress has been proven to have a negative effect on the flavour and texture of the meat.

Unlike mass-produced beef, we air-dry ours for at least three weeks, allowing the grain and muscle to loose, the meat to darken and excess moisture to slowly evaporate.

It is common for supermarket steaks, stewing steak and minced beef to 'boil' in a pan rather than fry (typically due to injecting  or vacuum tumbling of water, brine or a chemical concoction); ruining the texture and flavour; that never happens with our meats.

Why is our beef healthier than other meat you can buy?
Our cattle are reared in a grass-based system. This produces beef proved to contain more anti-oxidants, more Omega 3 fatty acids, a better ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6. Amounts are 3 to 5 times higher than those found in grain fed beef.

Grass-fed beef contains a broader range of healthy fats including CLA, which contributes to a healthy heart as well as protecting the body against numerous diseases.

All our beef is reared under organic standards. No routine medications are used and no chemicals are applied to the grass our animals feed on; our meats are 'Free From'.

  As Hugh says, Red Ruby beef is

" good as it gets."

1920 Cattle.jpg
prize winning breederS of pedigree Exmoor Closewool sheep and Devon Red Ruby cattle.



Assured Food Standards:

Approved Beef & Lamb Farm


Soil Association:

Organic Farming Standards


Red Ruby Devon Cattle Association


Devon Closewool Sheep Breeders Society


Higher Level Stewardship Scheme

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