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Exmoor Closewool

Grass feeding and raising to a mature age contributes to the superior flavour, tenderness and sweetness of our lamb joints, cutlets and chops.

Grass fed for the best flavour

As with our Red Ruby cattle, our sheep are a native slow-growing breed; the Devon Closewool. This breed originated on Exmoor and is well renowned for its thick fleece and succulence of its meat.


We farm the sheep in a traditional, non-intensive manner and they thrive on a their grass-based diet.  Anyone who's been to Devon knows of the frequency of the rain, this gives us the richest grass which, with careful husbandry, gives us the sweetest, flavorful meats.

All aspects of the lamb's life have been low-stress, from handling with care, to low noise environments to staying in the same herd and familiar fields.  Low stress is maintained all the way to the abattoir where they are moved a short distance in small numbers, as few as two at a time.  After, lamb is hung on the bone for a minimum of five days prior to butchery.

Try one of our boxes of prime lamb cuts which includes leg, shoulder, mince, chops and steaks, and taste for yourself the difference in our efforts.

Farming... it's a family affair!

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prize winning breederS of pedigree Exmoor Closewool sheep and Devon Red Ruby cattle.



Assured Food Standards:

Approved Beef & Lamb Farm


Soil Association:

Organic Farming Standards


Red Ruby Devon Cattle Association


Devon Closewool Sheep Breeders Society


Higher Level Stewardship Scheme

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