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Why buy from us?

Healthy eating › food free from chemical residues › care in the environment › animal welfare › flavour and texture › these
are all reasons to buy your meat straight from our Devon farm.
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Our farm produces clean foods through  care,  good stewardship and a passion for organic

Neither our beef or lamb are given GMO feeds, they receive no hormones, no routine antibiotics, and their feed/fields are never treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Better for you, the farm animals, our soils, rivers and wildlife.

Our traditional, grass fed, low intensity farming is, without doubt, the best way forward for local agriculture.  If you consider yourself both conscientious and a lover of flavour and quality then our healthier and tastier meats are for you.

Grass feed over grain feed, there is no comparison!

Aside from flavour there are multiple health benefits attributed to meats raised on a grass diet.


  • Lower in total fat

  • Higher in beta-carotene/vitamin A, vitamin E and the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin

  • Higher in calcium, magnesium, and potassium
  • Higher in total omega-3s with a healthier ratio of fatty acids omega-6 (1.65) to omega-3 (4.84)

  • Higher in CLA (cis-9 trans-11), good for heart health and a potential fighter of diseases and cancer

  • Higher in vaccenic acid which the body uses to produce CLA

  • Lower in the saturated fats linked with heart disease

Source: natural health website:

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